15g Clay surfaces Delightful for you to Sin city Casino Poker Chip Assessment.

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When you yourself have ever been to Las Vegas, you then know there’s no other chip such as the superior-quality clay casino poker chips they use. Since I have been to Vegas several times, other casino chips seem lightweight set alongside the heavier duty Clay Casino Poker Chips. No surprise the 15g Clay Welcome to Las Vegas Casino Poker Chip is really popular for professional poker and Blackjack games. Now you will get them online to step-up the amount of your home games.

These casino quality clay poker chips have the “Las Vegas Nevada” color inlay laser-etched into the face area and they can be found in 9 colors and denominations. They think and look like genuine clay Casino Quality Poker Chips and bring back memories. I knew I had to get myself a set.

I remember my first trip to Las Vegas, years ago, and I carried my left chips around with me from table to table. I brought some home as souvenirs from the different casinos and saved some as a remembrance. As I returned to Vegas more and more, the fascination with the clay chips became routine business, aside from when I was playing poker with my friends back home.

Now that all of my friends are becoming involved with Texas Hold’em, I figured some high quality, clay poker chips would be appreciated a lot more than in the past few years. I broke down and decided to get a couple of the 15g Clay Welcome to Las Vegas Poker Chips since I loved Vegas, Agen Judi Slot PG Soft clay chips and playing poker. I was anxious to see what my buddies thought when they came over to play poker on the weekend.

Well, allow me to let you know, they got rave reviews. The sound of these clay chips was something you can’t get from plastic or the 11.5g resin chips. They were the “Real McCoy “.The clink they made send tingles down your spine, if you are a real poker player, like me. Our first Hold’em game with the new 15g Clay Welcome to Las Vegas Casino Poker Chip seemed more professional and everybody unconsciously were clicking the clay chips within their fingers, way more than in the games we played with your rookie sets of Casino Poker Chips For Sale.

These good quality Authentic Casino Poker Chips reminded me of the fun trips I had to Las Vegas and the casino action there. Here was another memory for me personally to put with those clay chip memories. It wasn’t long before a number of the people were going online and getting sets for themselves or as something special for one of our buddies.

The 15g Clay Welcome to Las Vegas Poker Chip is worth every penny that spent on this high quality, keepsake rendition. Clay chips have an expert poker player ambiance, and of course, many professional tournaments use them. These high-quality Casino Poker Chips For Sale are like bringing a souvenir of Vegas house or apartment with you and sharing it along with your friends.

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