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December 9, 2020 Business  No comments

We as an individual have various places to meet. We’ve conference halls, dinner tables, restaurants, movies hall, picnic spots, tourist attractions and list goes on and on. We are now residing in the age of Internet that dramatically broadens our horizon. Internet spares nothing, not even World News. Internet has given it a precise platform where every body will come, meet and discuss the problems of current affairs. Current affair has all the newest news about every imaginable topic. Which includes news about nations as well. Like India News has a unique story to tell in term of being latest.

New Horizons, new philosophy of interests, new ideas of representation, new biases and with all of this comes new problems. Today suppressing an incident Uganda news is now very challenging. The moment anything occurs it has potential to become World news. We’ve mobile camera to catch it and YouTube to share it. Word called privacy has just starting to become extinct. You will see Paparazzi very active in all the places. They are freelance photographers who take photos that may be used for cheap publicity to produce quick money. Earlier all of this required special equipments. Now everything is reach. This makes them busy picking raw material and then cooking up stories from it. Celebrities like Film Stars, Politics, and Media People get caught easily. And they make latest news without having to be conscious of it.

Intellectuals just love news. It sings melody in their brains. They get ways to flaunt their awareness of the planet around them. India news, thus, becomes hot topic if these intellectuals are actually Indians. Situation is like “India News – It’s Good! Latest News about it – It’s even better!” Some amongst them certainly are a freak to the extent that they may debate to the conclusion of the time. These individuals form communities, Blogs, forums, discussion Portals etc. Freaks that don’t make them, they follow and participate in them to be part of this activity.

This buzz is not going to die. Not now, when people are finding ways to express and do not face the consequence. For example both forms of it- good as well as bad. So overall, Story is not what it seems. With the change in point of view, it varies. Moral of story though remains same. Every coin has two faces; be sure you hold usually the one you prefer and can uphold it. Again this face (of coin) may be in virtually any form. It might be in the garb of place, name, platform or news. When we say news, India news combined with World News comes automatically. Choose see your face of coin wise and justify it!

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