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BlueHost has been offering web hosting service since 1996. It is regarded as one of the earliest hosting companies. Until today, this provider has managed to survive in this fiercely contested web hosting industry while many other companies come and go. This tells us that they are a company that is able to provide quality hosting service to their customers. This really is the primary reason why they’re still strong and running in the hosting industry.

Built with top class equipment, BlueHost is just a company that uses modern quad servers, mirrored backups, backup generators and 24/7 monitoring by their trained staffs. All of this is to make sure that their service remains at an optimum level. Their net connection is also superb providing a 2GB per second bandwidth.

As for their packages, they have adapted to the simplicity of packages nowadays by offering a one price package. They are well-known due to their’Platinum Pak’plan that provides 1500GB of disk storage, 1500GB of bandwidth plus industry standard features for just $6.95 per month. Users will even have the ability to host unlimited number of domains and sub-domains under one account.

Like a number of other hosting companies, BlueHost also offers the cPanel control panel. It is considered as the most used control panel system nowadays. With cPanel, web administrators can easily navigate and configure their hosting account with ease. BlueHost also provides Fantastico that will allow users to install a number of software packages based on the needs. There are packages for blogs, forum, content management system, picture galleries, online surveys and so on beginner. Fantastic is a superb tool that many webmasters like and by providing it in their plans, BlueHost has added even more value to their packages. For more complex users, they will have access to many scripting languages like PHP5, PERL5, Python, Ruby On Rails and CGI. So, it is very good users from a variety of level.

When it comes to reliability of the service, BlueHost claims they can provide users with a 99.9% uptime. No users is going to be happy with all the current features and tools without a good uptime. Based on tests being done, the entire uptime that was monitored for a period of 3 months demonstrate that the uptime given by them have achieve the 99.9% target. However, there is a tiny amount of downtime through the entire testing period but that amount is regarded as tiny if we compare it with other hosting providers.

From the aspect of support, users will be able to acquire support through their online help centre. Inside it, there is an enormous listing of articles covering a selection of subjects. Many users find solutions fast and easy by using the help centre. Alternatively, users can contact the support staff through the conventional way by utilizing wither phone, email or live chat room. They supply 24/7 support and this is great for their users as the support staff might be contacted anytime when he or she’s facing a challenge making use of their account.

In conclusion, BlueHost is just a company that has a whole lot off experience and is definitely a reputable company as it has existed for this kind of long time. So, if you’re buying a hosting provider, you might consider BlueHost to be your choice.

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