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So as to get involved with this field you will have to gain some form of certification through the American Academy of Project Management (AAPM). This is a well respected organization that offers training in a variety of aspects of the field which certifies you have enough training and knowledge to are a project management professional. There are various kinds of certification which may be obtained and you don’t have to accomplish them in virtually any particular order.

If you are willing to invest three years studying and working in the field for experience, you may choose the AAPM Project Management Professional accreditation. If you already involve some completed coursework or experience in the field, you may receive waivers for that experience and get your MPM, or Master Project Manager certification. There are certainly a couple other choices to think about as well: CIPM, or Certified International Project Manager, and PME, or Project Manager E-Business.

When you begin working as a project management professional you can continue to get higher certifications. Through the PMI you can generate your PMP, and then strive after higher achievements in time. You could consider the Certified Associate of Project Management (CAPM), the Program Management Professional (PgMP), or the PMI Scheduling Professional (PMI-SP). If risk management catches your interest there’s also certification for the PMI Risk management Professional (PMI-RMP).

This can be a thrilling field for folks who enjoy organizing and motivating a small grouping of people to accomplish complicated projects, but you will have to carry on your education at the graduate level to continually climb up the ranks of your industry. Expect to set up a lot of time gaining experience in the field, learning specialties of a, and making yourself marketable for higher positions.

There’s been a lot of change in every industries in current years, and that has forced project management professionals to diversify and change with the times. For example, many people are entering the field by studying due to their MBA in managing projects or their Master of Science in Project Management through the Internet. Ecommerce has made this possible so more people can quickly enter the field.

The key to making yourself marketable and in hot demand as a Project Manager is to continually seek higher certifications and specializations. This is best done while you are working in the field, as you can gain credits for the experience that’ll shorten the time period needed to get certifications.

The common annual salary for anyone working in this field is just about $100,000, though those certified in specific specializations can earn even more. The greatest paid Project Management Professionals are those working in the IT or Business Analyst field. The common annual salary for anyone specialized positions is just about $120,000. Obviously, this can be a very rewarding field to work in if you can gain the certifications and market yourself appropriately.

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