How to make simple YouTube Faster — Heap Videos Rapidly

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Over the years YouTube has grown in popularity enormously and watching YouTube videos has become a hobby for most people. Its so addicting that lots of people stay up till wee hours of the morning just to view their favorite videos. But, I suppose many of us have previously experienced the “annoying times” with YouTube when the video we’re watching keeps on stopping especially whenever we have slow Internet connection. Thinking about a solution, first thing comes to the mind would be to just upgrade to a greater web connection speed our ISP offers. Yes, obviously, it can really enhance the buffering speed. But, is there any other ways on making YouTube to go faster without upgrading to a greater web connection speed?

Well, the solution is Yes! By improving the performance of your personal computer, tweaking the browser and also by installing accelerator software, you may make the YouTube videos to load much faster. Let’s start with Memory…

Upgrading Memory to Increase the Performance of one’s Computer:

First thing that we have to check on when we want to make the videos to load much faster is if your PC has enough memory. Its useless to tweak your browser like Mozilla Firefox or to install Accelerator software if your personal computer is gasping for memory buy youtube watch hours. Throughout the buffering of the web video, your PC has to put certain level of stream into memory. And if your personal computer doesn’t have sufficient RAM, it has to count on virtual memory which means that your personal computer would have to use the hard disk as a temporary RAM. Obviously, reading and writing data into RAM is much faster compare to hard disk which uses moving-head to learn and write data that’s why it will not only boost the buffer speed but in addition affect the general performance of one’s PC. So consider upgrading the RAM of one’s PC. It is preferred to go only a little higher compared to the minimum requirements of the operating system. As an example, if your PC runs Windows Vista, it is most beneficial if it’s 1GB of RAM for best performance.

Tweaking your Browser:

It can be recommended to tweak your browser to make the YouTube go faster. If you are using Mozilla Firefox, you can change a number of its configurations by typing the “about:config” in the address bar then changing a number of the settings that’s regarding pipelining. The easier way to do this is by downloading and installing the FasterFox Mozilla Firefox plugin. This plugin automatically tweaks your Mozilla Firefox to speed it down allowing fast loading of internet videos.

Pause Button

Playing the video while its still buffering would only annoy you and would also cause the buffering speed to slow down further. If you are not that excited to view it, much better if you simply click the Pause button and watch for the loading bar to show completely red which means that it’s fully loaded. In this way, the computer doesn’t need certainly to decode the video and download data simultaneously allowing the buffer speed to go faster thus also letting you watch it as soon as possible without interruption.

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